15th October 2018

New Tool – Vote History

Well, since its been a very long 7 days since our last tool release, its time to release another tool from This time, we’ve created a tool in which to view individual … 8th October 2018

New Tool – Lisk Excel

A short time ago I created a Windows Desktop Application that allows a user to gather Lisk transactions and save them into an Excel file. After a few requests, I decided to make …, Tools 27th September 2018

Lisk Pending 1 Year Anniversary!

One year ago today I officially released my first tool to the Lisk community, the Lisk pending tool. While I had been a Reddit member for a few months and an investor for …, Projects, Tools 24th September 2018

New Tool – Data Field Search

Its time for another tool from This time its a tool that allows you to search through all of the transactions with data fields, which were introduced with Core 1.0. You can … 18th September 2018 Delegate Announcement

I’d like to take this time to clear up any confusion that may have come up lately regarding the delegate. First off, the website will not change one bit. We will … 11th September 2018

Delegate Payout Addresses Added to API

On occasion, delegates may choose to change the address in which they payout their voting rewards from. Reasons vary, but it usually involves some sort of security issue. Due to the unpredictable address … 25th July 2018

New Tool – Lisk Chainalysis

Today we are releasing yet another Lisk tool, the Chainalysis Tool! The purpose of this tool is to shed further light on the Lisk blockchain itself in regards to the transactions that are … 11th July 2018

New Tool – Lisk Richlist!

We are excited to release our newest tool today, the Lisk Richlist! The purpose of this tool is to shed further light on how Lisk is distributed amongst all wallets and how much … 15th June 2018

Estimated Payout Dates + More

Estimated Payout Dates & Days until Payout The Pending Tool now includes an estimated payout date + the number of days until a payout should take place. You can view the expected date …, Projects, Tools 23rd May 2018

Pending Amounts for Delegates Without Pools

We are pleased to announce an experimental feature that allows our pending tool to contain pending amounts for delegates that don’t have a running tool to show pending balances. How is this done? …