A few things to consider before planning a Lisk based ICO

By on February 21st, 2018 in Development, Lisk news, Projects, Rebranding
Lisk.io has just be relaunched!
The beautiful new website, wallet and especially the Lisk academy will accelerate idea creation and project formations for future Lisk based ICOs.
As I’m thinking up ideas myself, here are some thoughts I feel should be shared. Things to think about before creating your concept.
Characteristics of ideas that are easier to implement
  1. Users can spend and receive the tokens via a webapp/desktop app, as well as mobile app (better than just having 1 access point for users).
  2. The token’s primary use should be as a currency rather than just something like voting, however having secondary use-cases like voting does add value.
  3. The project should start out with a small focused target group, however it should be able to expand later to capture larger customers/users, otherwise the perceived value for the projects potential scale will be low.